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Semiconductor testing and intelligent manufacturing automation one-stop solution provider

Robotzone Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by a number of PhDs graduated from Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was awarded as High Tech Company in 2019. It is specialized in spring probe, chip test socket, and inspection, intelligent automatic welding and assembly equipment.

  • Products

    Provide customers with one-stop product services

  • Precision testing and measuring equipment
  • Intelligent manufacturing automation equipment
  • Test probe
  • Packaging and testing socket
  • Surface cleaning equipment
  • P040-0240-X1XX Specification
  • Nano Dry Ice Cleaner RC-280

  • AVI testing equipment

  • Automatic assembly equipment

  • BGA Socket

  • Strength

    Integrity creates quality, innovation leads the future

  • R & D team

    A number of PhDs graduated from Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences ,

    Core R&D team have been engaged in semicondutor testing area for over 20years.

  • ASSY Equipment

    Setf-devdop auto assembly equipment provide

  • Multi Analysis Capability

    FAE analysis on deforming simulation and thermal analysis.

    RF analysis capability on spring probe and chip tseting pattern simulation.

  • Detection

    From raw materials to production to equipment testing to shipment, layer by layer

    Strictly detect and control every subtle link

  • Wide application

    Suitable for automatic assembly of semiconductor industry products, automatic detection of 3C industry

    Assembly, optical photoelectric detection and precision mold cleaning, etc.

  • Warranty

    Three gold medal services,

    The stable operation of the equipment solves your worries.

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    0512-6607 4325

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